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Wednesday Night Bible Study 7pm with Pastor Charlie Sims
Salvation, Healing & Deliverance in Jesus Christ
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Salvation, Healing and Deliverance 

Called into the ministry from the age of eleven, Evangelist Dean Judkins has seen many saved, delivered and healed from the awesome power of the Holy Spirit. For more than 37 years now, healing and deliverance has been a touchy subject in the body of Christ. As we near the soon return of Jesus Christ for his church, Pastor Dean focuses on the bound, the sick and the diseased people in the body of Christ. He believes with all his heart that the body of Christ is to be the most powerful in the world today.


Call us, email us, message us if you have any need. No need is to big or to small. We here at World Wide Faith Church will pray with you, councel you, and teach you to maintain your deliverance and healing in Christ Jesus. 


Remember Jesus has already set us free more than 2000 years ago. Walk in your healing and deliverance today!


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